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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Hello Everyone!!

Hi Everyone Here is another poem:

A Mans junk is another mans treasure
Start to recycle!
Tonight everyone's going to recycle
Environmentalists are always right
Do it!

Friday, 2 December 2011

Moving On To Year 3 Already

It's the school holidays over in Australia.The Christmas holidays!And it's also time to go into to Year 3!My new teacher is going Ms Crothers.Ms Crothers is a relief  teacher at our school and is going to be a permanent teacher next year (which is 2012).We are getting a new Principal.And i also forgot Mrs M!She's teaching a prep class.

Thursday, 10 November 2011


This term we are learning about narratives.Narratives are a writing type that are fantasy or not real.A Narrative has 5 parts to it.The Title,The Orientation.,The Complication,The sequence of events and the Resolution.Here is a narrative example that I wrote:

The Cursed Book

There once was a book called Wonders Of The Planet ,it lived in the library, it was just a normal book,until a witch called wham came and put a magic spell over the book.

Then one day a person called Fate came by to read the book, he opened the book then suddenly it sucked him up and took him to a different land, not a normal land, a magical land called watslan.

Then Fate saw a weird person, but it wasnt a person, it was a Monster!He ran around and the monster followed.He hid in a gully and the monster ran past.

Then he walked along scared with fright and then Fate found another person callet Watson that read the book and got sucked up.And they searched for the person that casted the spell.

Then finally they found wham and demanded that they go back to the libary and get the book back to normal.And there demand came true and they lived happilly ever after.

The End.

Friday, 28 October 2011

The Monster Project

This term we are taking part in The Monster Project 2011.I worked on the Cup Of Tea & the Toe Ring.I completed both of the accessory parts during the space of one week.My description for the Toe Ring is :  Our 1 foot loveable toe ring is a spiky star, sparkly gold.The description for the Cup Of Tea is : green as slimy snot, like a witch's potion, lumpy as the skin on a monster's back, crushed eyeballs and poisonous snakes floating in it.There are 40 more body/accessory parts including the Jet ski and the toes.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Using Scratch

This week a group of us went with Mr Shaw to try out Scratch.Scratch is a program created by the Massachusetts institute of technology.Ollie and I created a piece from scratch but we can't find our bit.Me,Ollie,Matthew,Jordyn,Lara and Alexandra went with Mr Shaw and i bet we all had a really great time.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Diamante Poems

Today we learnt about Diamante Poems.How do you make a diamante Poem?This is how you make a Diamante Poem.First you choose 2 Topic words that are either similar or opposite and put 1 on the 1st line and the other on the 7th.Then you put in 2 adjectives about your 1st topic (thats on the 1st line) on the 1st line and put 2 adjectives about your 2nd topic (on the 7th line) on the 6th line.Then you put 3 ing words about your 1st topic on the 3rd line and put 3 ing words about your 2nd topic on the 5th line.Then you put a small phase or four nouns about your 2 topics.Here's the diamante poem:

                                              People are nice,Friends are nice

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Friends from across the Globe

This year I am a Gem with Mrs M!And because I'm a gem we get to connect with our blogging friends that are all around the world!E.g. Mrs Cassidy and Year 1 and Mrs Knee and the kinderkids.We've got friends in Australia,United States Of America.Blogging is a crucial part of literature in our classroom and also helps our CUPS(capitals,understanding,puncuation and spelling).Do you know where our blogging friends are?

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